Monday, July 30, 2012

July 24, 2012

Well I don't know if I'm going to the Referral Center or not. It's really really confusing. As I told tanya I'm in Limbo. But oh well I have plenty of time to study. And I can help out the new Germans with studying. 
So It's been quite the adventure here at the MTC. Long days and I'm just in limbo right now. I don't specifically have a class and my companion just had double knee surgery (he isn't in the best of shape) Soon he will be in the Referral Center and I will be stuck in limbo. No real companion just a member of the zone and can go with whoever whenever. But that's ok. I hope I'll be good to go next monday. I really hope that the surgeon says I can go. I'm walking with almost no limp. And every day it gets so much better. Flexibility is coming back so fast. I can fully extend my knee and almost pull it back to my butt. (That's really good considering the goal on paper is to be able to pass 90 degrees I think). Last Tuesday was super super hard watching my district leave and getting stuck behind. It's not exactly what I'd like to call a happy day. But now i'm doing good. I wish I could have left last week but If I leave next week that would be ok with me. It's up to the Lords time table. And if you keep reading in alma trials really make up a big part of it. Alma 26 alma 38? i think. A Zoromite prison does not sound like a fun place to be.  So yea if you ever feel like your day is going terribly just think "I'm not in Zoromite prison" and everything will seem much better. You have a loving family and are not beaten every single day.
Oh one of the sisters who was going to Germany. Yea her call was changed yesterday. So she is going to The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Portuguese speaking. She has to start the MTC over with 9 more weeks. That's 13 total. I know what she feels like I'm on week 11. But yea everything is going great right now. I love the MTC. It's not bad, I just really really want to be in the mission field. I've heard from so many people that the mission field is amazing. So I'll try really hard to convince my surgeon to let me go. I'd even wear this giant brace for 2 months just to be safe. 
And I'll just buy some new pants in germany. I hear they're super cheap and really really nice. like 70 euro for a nice full suit.. But then again I might not leave for 5 more weeks. But Dan (my physical therapist) thinks I’ll be able to go. And I've had tons of prayers which I know helps a ton. So thank you for that. 
I saw the picture Dad sent of the Alps. It's beautiful. And Elder O. (my roommate) said people are blunt there, kind of like me but more. Sometimes if you ask how are you they'll reply with something like ‘why do you care’ or they'll really unleash all of their problems on you. It's not a very closed society like America. Much more open and you make life long friends very easily there. 
The work is really progressing. Two years ago it was a good week to teach 5 lessons. Now if you aren't teaching 15 you're a slacker and 20 is more often the norm. President Bengtzen said Germany will have thousands of wards hundreds of stakes and dozens of temples. Germany was also rededicated for Missionary work just a few years ago. Now it's not uncommon to have 8 baptisms as opposed to 1 or 2. And the numbers will really start rising as I'm there. I know I'll be involved in the Baptism of many different people. Elder B.'s brother was involved in 22 baptisms. Eight of which he was the missionary when they were baptized. I'm just saying this because a guy yesterday kind of upset me. He asked where I was going, I said Germany. Then he asked why I was going. I said I'm going to invite others to Christ and baptize so that they can go through the temple and return to God. He pretty much told me “that won't happen and you're there to plant seeds”. I'm sick and tired of that mindset. If I go with the attitude I'm there to plant seeds I'll plant seeds. But that's not what I've been called to do. I know I'll plant seeds along the way but the field is white ready to harvest. I'm a representative of Jesus Christ and saying that I won't bring others to Christ is like saying Christ is unable to fulfill his own prophecies of the work in Germany, that Christ can't baptize. That goes for any place in the whole world. its 2012, in the latter days. The work is going to start accelerating all over the world. Missionaries really are better than they used to be.

I Love You
Elder Devon Kinghorn