Saturday, February 9, 2013

January 21, 2013

Dear everyone who reads this,

Ok so I have some news. Last week we had one baptismal date. This week that is no longer the truth-we have 3! Yeah, we had a pretty exciting week. 

On Friday we had an appointment with B. Last Sunday in church we talked a lot about temples. And she was super confused about temples. So we talked about temples and it cleared up a ton of her questions. She thought the church was the temple (an evangelisch kirche misconception) and was wondering why we were talking about Frankfurt so much. So then she told us we should call the church the meeting house. Then no one would misinterpret it like she did. 

She bore her testimony about the church and how her life has been so blessed since we came into her life. And then she said, "I want to get baptized". And well, it was exciting. So her baptismal date is now next Sunday. Yes, in 6 days. She told us that it doesn't matter what happens, as long as we follow the commandments. But then she started to bare her testimony about the church and the Spirit just ran into the room. And then she said, "I know I need to and I will get baptized". We were super excited by this point trying to hold in the excitement. So we look at her plans and she is going on a trip in 2 weeks. So it was get baptized asap or get baptized after her trip. So she wanted to get baptized this week. So now we have a baptism for Sunday!!!! We are so excited about it. 

Then we were late to sport abend (that's where we have activities with investigators i.e. ping pong) but we didn't care. We were so excited we were basically running to the bahnhof (train station) from the excitement. We showed up 10 minutes late, but it's ok because no one showed up so instead we did service with the bishop-reorganizing one of the church offices.

So this leads us to the other date. So G. asked J., "Why haven't you asked me if I wanted to get baptized on my wedding date?" So we were hoping it would work. But of course he has to get past the wife. We fasted and prayed so that he would be able to get baptized on his wedding date. 

Then on Saturday we met with J. for a lesson with C. And after the lesson J. told us that G.'s girlfriend said that it was ok for him to get baptized on their wedding day.  It was all around an awesome day. I am so glad I am a missionary here in Wiener Neustadt. Also the whole zone set 7 baptismal dates this past week. The whole mission set 13.  It's going awesome.

Basically it's amazing. That's two of the three dates.  So, C. already had a date. She is still excited to be baptized on her birthday. The sisters yesterday had an investigator who wanted to get baptized but she had to ask her dad for permission. At first he didn't want her joining a religion because he wanted her focusing on her studies. Everyone prayed for her and now her dad said yes. So she will get baptized on Saturday. It's super exciting. 

Ok I love you
Elder Devon Kinghorn

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