Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 14, 2013

Wien District

Dear Dad

Dad, sorry I wasn't able to say happy birthday. I remembered it but kind of forgot when I wrote emails. So HAPPY BIRThDAY!!!! We just had an awesome lesson with a lady named N. She is pretty cool. So it split up the emails. Who knows you might be awake now. That would be funny. Anyway I heard that Jason is now a fire breathing golfer on the moon. That's a really funny story. I wish I did that. Well kind of no. But still oh well. So how are you doing in the freezing cold? I bet you don't like it. Today we have been drudging through the snow. It feel so different from Utah snow. It packs so easily. It's not powder by any means.

Sadly today one of our lessons fell out. We have an appointment with the A’s but now it's Thursday. So that's a bummer. Oh well. Just go contacting tonight instead. 

So is lone peak still ranked 1 in the country? I think that's funny. A bunch of white boys dominating. 

It was funny yesterday we were talking about how today is our day off. Then we realized p day isn't really a day off. We still do a couple hours of studying, then 3 hours proselytizing and half an hour planning. So that's 5.5 hours. Plus we spend the time doing preparation for missionary work. Haha it will be weird being home and not being busy 24/7. You know what it's like. Never more busy in your whole life. Also never had more fun. It's such a blast here. Yesterday we took a long train ride to Payabach Reichenau and contacted there. But everyone said no and we were freezing cold walking through the snow. So then we took a train ride back and walked home. But we tried. And it was still a great day. 

So The wedding license finally came last week after 6 or 7 months and the wedding is Feb 9. So that's super exciting. It won't be a big wedding. Just signing a paper at the city building but still awesome. And then C’s baptismal date is set for Aug 11. She is pretty cool. Then she told us that she wanted to invite a friend. So that's awesome. We will find out who it is sometime this week. And B. had a discussion with some guy. I was thinking oh no he has anti mormon stuff. But no he is going to come to a lesson also. So he is a referral for us. And a recent convert named V. has a friend named A. He lives 1.5 hours away but has been to church twice. And we will hopefully meet with him this week. Then if we really start to teach him it will be 3 hours of trains for one lesson. Haha but he has so much interest he could easily get baptized. 

So ya I have gotten a cold but I'm healthy now. No problems with it. And I talked to some stores about repairing the lens they said I had to buy a new one. But I'll call sony up and ask. 

And ya Austrians really don't like people who don't try to learn german. But they love people who are trying to learn german. So just being able to speak a few sentences they will really love that. 

But ja I took some pretty cool pictures. It wasn't that pretty because it's January, but we have some sweet missionary pictures. And one of a swiss person. Well it's Elder Escher. And he is in a few, but I'm in some also. What you could do for Jason’s camera is buy him a point n shoot and let him take your cannon 10d. That would be a good setup. Just hopefully it never gets stolen. Spain isn't as safe as Austria. It's still super safe, but Austria nothing gets stolen. 

I can't wait to see Jason’s video. I have to wait sadly but oh well. And I wasn't super funny when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. Oh well. 

Ya missionary work here in Wiener Neustadt is really awesome. We are super busy for the next week. Our week is almost full. So it's a really good sign. 

I Love you
Elder Devon Kinghorn

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