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January 28, 2013- An Amazing Week

Dear everyone who reads this,

So this past week has been amazing. Yesterday in church B. got baptized. She was so excited for it. The baptism went great and it was awesome. I was one of the witnesses and it was amazing. We didn't push B. at all and she really wanted to get baptized. It was such an awesome experience for us to be there. She was so prepared. And she knows the Book of Mormon more than most members. She reads it so carefully.  

She has been meeting with us since October. She has been reading the Book of Mormon every day and loving it. She is now about half-way done and it's through the Book of Mormon that she has received a testimony of the church. It was really cool to see her progress. There has been a change in her countenance in the last 4 months. She is so cool. She is also super German. She is from Germany and she thinks super logically. When something is right, it's right and you need to do it. It's cool. She also refused to skip Isaiah because it's part of the Book of Mormon. She would read every verse. Then when she was baptized the Spirit just rushed into the room. It was awesome. 

Also last week I gave a blessing for D. He is a member. He was worried about a final he had. So the blessing said, "You will be perfectly fine during your test-as if you weren't sick. But you will need time to get over this sickness."  During his test he couldn't feel anything. But now he is in the hospital (in Austria going to the hospital isn't like in America. It just means you're pretty sick, not dying) but he found out he has some virus. I don't know what it is. He said it's the kissing disease, so I think it's mono. Who knows. But everything is happening just like the blessing. It's so cool how powerful the priesthood is. The church really is true.

Ok and now a short recap of the week. So last Monday we spent at our GML (ward mission leader) and we played games and ate payea or however it's spelled (paella). It’s Spanish rice that tastes like heaven. After that we met with B. to teach her the last bit of the stuff she needed to hear and go over what will happen in the baptism. As we went through the baptismal questions she gave us answers better than in Preach My Gospel. We asked her what repentance meant. She told us it means to be fully prepared to follow Jesus Christ. It makes perfect sense. That is the point of repentance. 

Tuesday we had German class.  We teach Spanish people how to speak German. Well, J. just talked to them in Spanish for an hour then we played ping-pong together. One of them is a member and we are trying to get him to come back to church. But right now he doesn't want to do any work. 

Wednesday we had District meeting and it was so awesome. Elder Johnson is a really good District leader. He knows how to bring the Spirit into the district meeting. Then we helped the church by moving big pieces of furniture around. 

Thursday B. had a baptismal interview. Afterwards we had a companion exchange. I went with Elder Johnson, and we spent the day with J. First we helped him move more furniture at his place (we do a lot of moving stuff) then we taught Spanish to an Austrian named C. She is really cool. Then we drove down to Seebenstein where we dropped off some furniture. Then we drove all the way up to Treiskirchen and gave D. a blessing because he was feeling really sick, and he was worried about his final for one of his law classes.

Friday we went up to Treiskirchen to contact a referral and it was bitter cold. I almost died.  We went contacting, but nobody wants to listen to two Americans when it's freezing cold. Then we had a lesson with C. and then we had sport abend and played ping pong with Spanish people again haha.

Saturday we went to a baptism in Wien (Vienna).  She is from china. She is super cool. Elder Johnson baptized her. She is a really funny girl. Then we had a lesson that fell out. But that's ok, but we went to the hospital to say hello to a ward member and did some preparations for the baptism after that.

Sunday we had the baptism after church. It was wonderful. After everything we went to the hospital again. And then after that we did weekly planning. 

That's a full week.

I Love you
Elder Devon Kinghorn

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