Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 4, 2013

Ya I know I forgot mom’s birthday. I went to the computer telling myself, “K don't forget”.... I'm sorry. But we celebrated your birthday. We went to a Chinese Restaurant with the senior couple. They are awesome. You would love their job. They just do family history and travel to different countries helping people with family history. You would enjoy that a lot. But I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Then again it's super warm for you. You are chilling on a beach with tons of sunshine. What could go wrong? 

So we are trying to find new people. And we think this week we can get 2 new investigators. But right now we just have our super old 7th day adventist. Now he is 80. And there’s the Spanish people and you know them. But there’s the people from Equador. One of them is named M. He came to church yesterday. He is less active and super cool. He hadn't been to church in 20 years or something like that. He is such a cool guy. He speaks no German.  We love him. 

Well a lot has happened here since last week. So B. surprised us and she did not travel to Germany this past week. So she was confirmed a member of the church and received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday in sacrament meeting. It was so cool. Also M. came to church yesterday for the first time in over 20 years. He is a super funny guy. So that was amazing. 

Also yesterday we went to a less active family for lunch. He was telling us that Jesus lived in the city where he now lives. At first he said the Catholic church said it. But then he confessed and said he just likes to tell that to the missionaries. They are a really funny family. They thought it would be quite funny to make us eat more food than humanly possible. So we had potato salad, lasagne, fish, vegetables. and about 2 liters of soda. Ugh, way too much. Then we went on a walk and after the walk we had to eat dessert. Oh my gosh it was so much food! New rule: Never ever tell anyone you are ending your fast. Just bad things happen. Also last week we decided to work on our Austrian dialect. “We went there” is  “hoch deutsch wir sind dort hingegangen”, Nieder√∂sterreichisch dialect “mia san hiengonga”. So it's just a little bit different. I can understand most dialect but I can't speak it. First I need to get rid of my terrible American accent. Then start to learn dialect. It will be lots of fun. I really like dialect. Wien dialect sounds funny. But oh well, don't tell anyone. I really like St. Gallen German. It's in Switzerland. Elder Escher is from there. It is another language though. 

So there is some sad news about elder E. He has a medical condition so he has to be in Switzerland for tests for the next two weeks.  His poor companion is just tagging along with other missionaries for the next two weeks. Last week he slept with us. We put a couch in the doorway and that's where he slept. That was mom’s birthday. 

With Elder J. we went to this city called Gumpoldskirchen. We decided it was radiated with nuclear fallout. And the ducks were really crazy. They were going to kill us.

Saturday we helped a ward member move. It only took 3.5 hours. And their "heavy" furniture was a 2 person job, sometimes 4 because it was awkward. It made me feel lucky that it wasn't a giant wooden beast bookshelf. 

I Love you
Elder Devon Kinghorn

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