Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 22, 2013

Dear Family

Well this week was great. We worked really hard. And things did not go according to our plans, but oh well. So we had 5 lessons this week, with 6 or 7 that fell out( one was just come by and we can talk but he didn't want to when we got there, that's the 7th). But we did do a lot of contacting. And luckily our super contacting days were super nice weather. God didn't want us to be miserable in the rain. Thankfully. I don't even know how many doors and people on the street we talked to. But oh well we tried our best. And that's what matters. 

Also on Tuesday we had interviews with President. Our apartment was running low on Book of Mormons, so we ordered a lot in assorted languages-2 boxes of German, 1 box of English, then who knows what else. It was more than what the Visitors Centers have on display to show off how cool they are. This would be impossible to carry by hand, so we brought my suitcase to fill it full. One of the wheels already kind of died, so I was like oh whatever, kind of expecting it to die. So, we fill it full of books (literally full) and start taking it from Stuttgart back to Ulm. By the time we get to the apartment the wheels are ground down to the point where it's pretty much just dragging. From now on in my mission I'll just drag one of the suitcases every transfer. But on the bright side that's less weight when It gets weighed on the airplane in one year. 

The guy who called last week, O., he has been reading the Book of Mormon and now he has read 200 pages of it. That's quite a bit. We are setting up an appointment today because he gets his schedule Sunday nights. Yup and then R. is doing great. His baptismal date was pushed back till the 25th of May. (also the same as someone in Wiener Neustadt that I worked a lot with C. It's May instead of August) but he came to church on Sunday and loved it. After church he said, "Mein Nachbar wurde sagen das war der Hammer!" (My neighbor would say that's the hammer meaning super-cool.) And we are meeting tomorrow and hopefully another day this week. And the other self referral from last week fell out. We are trying to meet with her but it isn't working out so well for us. Hopefully it works.

So we haven't really been to any museums. But the BMW is in Munich, so too far away. And pictures, well I've taken some. But not a ton. Sorry. I'll do better with it. And the giant church is helpful when we get lost. We just look and see where it is then we aren't lost anymore haha.

It is true how much God works with people. As missionaries we don't do much. God does 100% of the work. Ok, not 100 but 99.9999999% and we just do a little bit in God’s name. That's something I've really learned is that god really looks out for us, his children. 

I Love you.
Elder Kinghorn

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