Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 29, 2013

Dear Family

Well transfer calls were last week. And Elder F. and I are staying together for one more here in Ulm. And hopefully that should mean summer is here. We had a couple of really really warm days this past week. Elder K. and I were on an austausche last week. (he is the one from Ireland and he's going to Austria next transfer) And it was really warm-sweating. And sadly President Miles said we couldn't roll up our sleeves. So that is kind of a bummer when It's super hot. I could wear short sleeves, but here in Germany people look at you like you're crazy for wearing a short sleeve shirt with a tie. But that's life. Anyways on this exchange we spent like 6 hours contacting in this little village called Buch, which means book. That was interesting for a name. But we found quite a few people. By that we found 4 maybe's. But oh well. We tried our best. Then the family we had an appointment with, they were shocked that we found so many. 

So we have some sad news. So O, the guy who has read tons of the Book of Mormon. Well he was too sick all last week to meet with us. So we haven't met with him yet. I wish we could, but eh that's life. 

Ok so our new ward mission leader. His name is K. He is German, but not really German. He is like, “Hey what's up” and a huge hug. He’s lways joking and way funny. Then he has this Phillipino wife. She is way funny too. She talks to us in an English German mix. It's quite entertaining. Who knows Cody could end up coming home with a girl like that. Well hopefully not come home but go back and then come back with her. That would be way funny. Cody-super white boy with a Phillipino wife. It would just work perfect. 

Anyways but Frau W. (the russian) we are going to meet with her this Friday and then she said she'd come to church this next Sunday. She really wants to know more about the church. She already cleared up the trinity. She said that confused her. Now it's no problem. Then R. is going well. We are meeting with him tomorrow and he is also loving the Book of Mormon. Well the Pearl of Great Price. He really likes the Joseph smith history. And he is coming to church this week. He is also starting to live the Word of Wisdom. Last week he made the commitment to give up caffeinated coffee. Then after that we'll do black tea. And then he doesn't drink or smoke which makes it easy. 

Well madrid lost bad. 4 1. Like it's going to be Dortmund vs. Bayern. Spain just isn't going to cut it. Ok maybe. But Bayern will win. Jason will just have to lose. People here take football seriously (soccer). It's definitely not a small thing. 

Well I've got to go.
I Love you
Elder Kinghorn

Goppingen District- Kelly, Kinghorn, Fletcher, Stewart, Clark

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