Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter- April 1, 2013

Dear Family

So our investigators are making slow progress. R. we had another lesson with him. (He cancelled the first one last week so we only had one). We watched the restoration film with him and he really enjoyed it. Also we found this awesome Romanian lady. She speaks really good english and german so the language isn't a problem. She is really nice.

So this past week was Easter. In Germany that means no school for two weeks.  Easter is quite good here.  The B. Family had us over yesterday. We had this awesome fondue. Instead of cheese or oil we used chicken broth, well similar to it. So it tastes really good with strips of chicken or shrimp or mushrooms. You should try it out soon. (Cheese fondue is just unbeatable though.)  I learned how to make it, so it will be great. They are way cool with 4 kids. One of which is a super happy 8 month old baby. He just smiles and laughs all day without having a desire to crawl. So we had fondue together then a few rounds of Uno (I've played a lot of Uno on my mission), then a spiritual thought about the resurrection, then we were on our way. Oh ya, and today is also a holiday. Every single store is closed. Literally every store. Even the Turkish imbiss (snack) stands are closed. 

We went running this morning. (The first time in quite a while for me. Two transfers ago with Elder W we ran to the church, played ping pong then ran home). We ran to the munster (giant church), around it and back and there was absolutely nobody. We passed 3 people and we were in the busiest part of town. 

Ok so this past week has been freezing cold in Ulm. Like really, really cold! And everyone is expecting warm weather. So everyone has been getting sick. Our branch president got sick. Half of the ward is sick. And everyone who said they'd come to church is sick at the moment. It was really sad. Literally everyone was sick. And Friday morning I felt pretty bad, but we had an appointment at 5. So we decided to take half of the day off to rest so I'd get better. But at 2 pm C. called us and told us she was sick so we couldn't come. So everyone was sick. I got it from the zone leader on an austausch (exchange) and then Saturday Elder F. (his companion) got really bad and almost died (not really). but thought we were talking about stuff when we really weren't. So we stayed in Saturday too. It was really boring. I almost died. And during the day everyone cancelled to come to church. Bummer, and on Easter Sunday too! 

Elder F. and I are getting along great. Maybe a bit too well. So we'll have to work to make sure we don't get distracted. 

So in Sigmaringen lives A. He was baptized 2 years ago. We do service with him. And it's a sweet city. You'd enjoy it. Actually I've just walked through it but it has a cool castle in the middle. We visit a special needs kid named E. and he is awesome. One on one is cooler than a dance I think. So we are his friend and he loves missionaries. His mom lives too far away to be able to visit him that often. 

I love you
Elder Kinghorn

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