Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 25, 2013

Dear Family

Well this last week a lot of cool things have happened. Last Monday we got a call from someone who had received a Book of Mormon 20 years ago in Switzerland. He has read from it in the past and now he wants to meet with us. So we committed him to baptism and he agreed on the 28th of April to get baptized. Miracles are happening here in Germany. This mission is such a great mission. So Jason, just remember miracles happen, and try to make them happen. 

I'm not so sure if I shared the story about the chocolate last week so I'll do that now.  So two weeks ago we had a lesson with Herr P. (the 80 year old man who ran 40k on Thursday for fun) and he always gives us a snack to eat. So this time he had a plate with some chocolates on it.  Elder B. and I reach to grab one and Elder B. pops one in his mouth and I was about to when Elder B. motions not to eat it. I was super confused. Then I remembered a funny story a senior missionary told me about her giving the missionaries alcoholic chocolate when she was investigating the church. But I knew that Herr P. hates alcohol so I asked him what was inside. He said nougat (hazelnut) so I was like ok and bite half of it. Then before I know it there is this stinging taste on my tongue and I'm sitting there not knowing what to do with my mouth- half open, half way between spitting it out and looking professional (which isn't working at all),  So I decide the only thing to do is swallow it. It was awful. Then Herr P. felt terrible because he knew we aren't supposed to drink alcohol. We looked at the package and it said Kirsch wasser. Which is some type of liquor. It tastes terrible. 

That's funny about the film (a film was made with all of the kids from his brothers graduating class that are serving missions). Some other school already did that. 

And don't worry about Jason being gone. It goes by pretty fast. Sadly, I'm almost half way done. Mothers day will be my half year mark. That's also pretty nice that Jason can be able to call home on Mothers Day. 

Salzburg was well idk, we got some food met some other missionaries then went on our way. It doesn't seem super special to me. I’ve been living here for 8 months now. But a really cool city you should look up is Sigmaringen. A member lives there and we go down every couple of weeks. Cool things that we see or do on our mission always involve people. When I go home my favorite memories that I have will be from the people. There is no substitution to the people. That's just how it is. People here are awesome!

So now Elder B. is no longer a missionary. He served an honorable 2 years and is now doing something in England. I now have Elder F. as a companion. He is from Utah and has been on a mission 3 months less than me. So for the first time my companion is younger than me. That's a first. He is way excited to be here. He was in Linz, Austria before here. So we both love Austria. We enjoy it together. We have some awesome goals. We believe we can get 3 baptisms in the next 2 transfers. (I think I'll be here for 2 more transfers but we'll see what really happens) It is a difficult goal, but I'm sure it's possible. There are so many people here who are prepared to receive the gospel of Jesus christ and we just have find them.

Love Elder Kinghorn

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