Monday, March 4, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Wiener Newstadt and Hello to Ulm

Dear Everyone,

So this week I had a successful trip to Ulm, Deutschland. It took quite a while. We left Wiener Neustadt at 6:45 am. Then took a train at 7 am to Wien. And we ended up in München around 1 pm. Then we had to wait in München for a while and we arrived at Ulm at 4 or 5. We had a third missionary with us who needed to go to Stuttguard. So we had to go to Stuttguard and back and got home at around 8. So it was quite a long day. 

For your talk just say how appreciative I am of all the things we did together. I'm sorry I didn't appreciate it earlier. But now I am so glad for all of the fun times we had together. Going across the world or even just eating together every night. Really, there is no replacement. I can honestly tell people I am glad that I can live with my family forever. 

Yes I know Ulm has a giant church. And yes, I have seen the giant church. We call it the Eye of Sauron. It is probably 500 yards from our apartment. So when we walk outside we see it. Well from the whole city you look up and it's starring at you.

And the German here is different. I won't have a problem with it. I can already understand most of it. Austria just has some hard dialects. The only German I can't understand is Swiss. But that's harder than Dutsch. I can read the Dutch Book of Mormon pretty well. 

We live in the state of Baden Wurttemberg. But the church is in Bavaria. Bayern, as we say. But I can't spell. So now I have worked in 5 different states: those two and Nieder Österreich Borgenland and Wien. Funny how that works. And this branch seems really small. We meet in an office building. There are about 30 active members. So not quite the big crowd. Wiener Neustadt had of 80 or 90. But we are working on it. 

That stinks Jason (his brother) doesn't have a visa (for his mission to Spain). Tell jason his visa isn't that important. God knows what he's doing. And Jason’s mission will go just how God wants it. On a mission it's really easy to see how much God helps us and gets us to the exact people we need to go to. I don't have a German visa yet. But it's no problem. We will just go to the Rathaus and buy one. It comes 6 weeks later. And it's good for as long as I want it to be good for. 

Germany feels different. I can't explain it right now. I still have to wait and listen a bit. But it is definitely different from Austria. This week will be a real contacting week. 

Right now we really don't have much going on. We need to find people. This isn't Wiener Neustadt where 5 lessons is a really really slow week. This is where 5 lesson is a really good week. So it's time to kick it into gear. This area has been kind of slow for a while it needs a kickstart. But that means I can really help this area grow. 

My new companion is Elder B. He is from Britain. He is going home in 4.5 weeks (this transfer is short) so it is my third one transfer companion in a row. He is really funny. And really good at the piano. His english sounds funny to me. He uses the word bit quite a lot instead of thing. 

Last monday was a fun day. I got a pair of Lederhosen. Then we had an eating appointment with a part member family. He is from Germany and is the elders quorum president. His wife is from Ukraine. They have this really funny baby daughter also. 

Tuesday was my last time seeing our GML (ward mission leader) J. It was really hard to say goodbye to the family. His daughters were trying to keep me from leaving. Holding onto me as we were walking out the door. But there is hope to see them again. We might be able to go see G's baptism in a month. It would be a really long trip but it is possible. We just have to see what president says to it. We could do it in just two days. 

After we left the P’s we went to our old 7th day Adventist. He is super cool. After that we had a lesson with C. She is a recent convert. And after her we met with E. She was baptized a year ago this month. She was a really good friend and it was hard to say goodbye to her. She loves the missionaries though. Wednesday we had district meeting and we said goodbye to everyone in our district. That was sad because we have been together for months. And then we basically ran to Bahnhof to catch a train to Baden going to say goodbye to B. She was sad I was leaving. After our appointment she said I know this isn't allowed then gave me a hug. Pretty funny. After that we went back to Wiener Neustadt where we met with C. She is getting baptized this summer. She really loves meeting with us. 

After that we had our last appointment with the A’s. We decided to surprise them so we showed up to their apartment wearing Lederhosen. It was pretty funny. We had a really good dinner and then a really good lesson. G. is so excited for his baptism in a month. I think his will get baptized sometime this year or next. 

Thursday I spent the whole day traveling. Friday we met with another super old guy. named H. He has some really high potential to get baptized. We need to meet with him like 3 times a week. Then we went to find some potential. And we ended up in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't very effective. So then we went to a family who were baptized a few years ago then went inactive but now are coming back to church. They lived  and got baptized in America so they speak perfect English and want us to speak in English so their kids can learn it. They have two little daughters. 

Saturday we went looking for less actives. We found 3 but only one was home. Her name is P. I think she will get reactivated there and her husband get baptized. She is a really cool person. 

I Love Ya
Elder Devon Kinghorn

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