Thursday, March 7, 2013

March 4, 2013

Ulm Minster

Dear Everyone,

So yes, I know The District quite well. I have seen them many times and Jason will watch them a ton in the MTC, it's every day. In the first 3 months you're supposed to watch it every day. It is quite a bit of time. And we can quote it pretty well.

This past week was, well different. So two weeks ago we were on the run everywhere because we had no apartment. Then last monday as we were playing basketball (yes It's been 9 months [from the knee surgery] so I have the doctors ok) and Elder B. really hurt his ankle. It swelled up to quite a large size and then turned all sorts of colors. That wasn't the best. So while we were in Stuttgart we purchased an ankle brace for him. He limped onto the train back to Ulm, then to the apartment so he could rest it. We had a lesson in Ulm the next day, so we had to take a train and it wasn't the best for Elder B. Luckily there was a bus that sent us straight to H’s apartment. Our lesson went pretty well.

Then some girls on the way back heard us talking in English and thought it was so cool I was American-apparently being British isn't so cool. There was a gang of 4 or 5 15 year olds. But then we went back up to Ulm.

Oh and yesterday we met with the really cool family that we found last Sunday. I have a feeling that they will get baptized one day. They are about 30 and have a little baby. It will just take time until they get baptized. Maybe this year or maybe in 5.

I don't have much time because we have zone p-day today and dying companions like to get things moving. So I wish you all a wonderful day.

I Love you

Elder Devon Kinghorn

Stuttgart Zone Conference - Birthdays- Elders Root, Kinghorn, Gunn, Stricklin, Fiedler, Buck, Thompson, Sisters Benson & Miles

Stuttgart Zone Conference

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