Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 24, 2012

Schloß Gloggnitz
Well it's a good year to not be watching  BYU football I guess. The only kind of American sport here is basketball. Lots and lots of dunking. (Haha, get it)  Is our replacement QB best or what? 

Anyway, it's great seeing investigators really progress and terrible when you talk to someone and they really don't want to keep commitments. In our area book so many people were so close to having the gospel but then lost it all. Ugg. Oh well. Having an area book is nice because we get to call lots of people who say don't call back or we spend forever trying to find a place and then no one is home. I'm not complaining it's adventuresome. Or taking long train rides looking into the forest. Haha. I sent mom a picture of a Lindt factory we saw on our train ride. I thought she'd be a little jealous. 

Some news for Michael and anyone else that might want to hear- I saw a Mercedes sls amg convertable and a few weeks ago a McLaren mc12-4. 

I also hear that Wien (Vienna) is a black hole so it's very likely I'll stay here in this zone for a while. Not as much as a black hole as Switzerland. Once you go to switzerland you don't come out unless you're a zone leader or AP. 

 What else is there.  Oh what are the specs of the new Iphone. All I know is it's longer I think has a bigger screen. I'm a bit in the dark.

Oh yea, we have a cell phone. It's at least 5 years old and was nothing special back then. So without a map we get lost quite a bit. Friday we rode up to a city on our bikes for an assignment from the bishop and we spent 20 minutes finding a street. Then we gave up after no one knew where it was and came back because of an appointment we had.

It's too bad you couldn't go to the temple dedication. So yes, Brother T. is going to be baptized this Saturday. Nothing could stop him. He is amazing. Then S. is in Italy looking for a visa so it's easier for him to work. B. from Baden is doing good. If she comes to church this Sunday or General Conference (Oct 6 & 7th) she will be baptized I think. Then G. as soon as he gets married will be baptized. Then there’s J, we had our first real lesson with him. (Our ward mission leader said for us to wait with him) he said he had prayed what to do and his answer was to read the Book of Mormon. He is an awesome guy. And the guy from pakistan A.  He finds out Friday if he can move to Wien. 

Ok earlier this week we went to a place called Gloggnitz I think. Looking for an old investigator. We got really really lost. Haha  Asking everyone where this one street is and with no map it's kind of hard. But after an hour we found the house and no one was home.... Oh well that's life. But we did get some really cool pictures.  I'll send you some. 

Then yesterday we went back and of course no one was there. We then went to another city to look for a potential. We got lost there too, but we found where he lives. Then no one was home again. So then we rode our bikes to Muthmannsdorf and we spoke with the refugees there (A.) and some others. Then it was rainy and cold and dark as we rode back. Don't worry we have lights flashing so everyone can see us.  And plenty of street lights. 

We got back for dinner and I told Elder B. “What's more missionary like than riding back from a refugee camp on a bike in the cold dark rain?”  It's true. Oh, this week I will be going on an exchange with the zone leaders to work in Wien. If it would have been a few months ago it could have been with Elder H. (from our home ward).  I still have hope I'll be able to work with him in the future. 

I have not had any gelato yet but I have had a döner. and Lindt chocolate. The Lindt factory is in my area.  I'll send a picture of that too. 

I love you, Elder Devon Kinghorn


Lindt Factory

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