Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 17, 2012

So how are you?  I thought I would write a letter to everyone.  Life is good here.  I love the ward.

When I return I’ll not be able to eat white bread.  We were talking about that.  

We have a few investigators who have a ton of potential to be baptized.  We have two with baptismal dates, and a family from Spain.  They are sweet.  I really hope they get baptized.  They have tons of potential and have progressed so much.  

Tomorrow we go up to Wien for a zone meeting, then to German class.  I’ll teach JC.  He speaks no German and no English.  The translator J. can’t make it.  So, that will be fun. 

OK, I’ll tell you a story we had last night.  We were dooring.  We ring one house with a sign that has a picture of a dog.  I think it was a warning or something.  I don’t speak good enough German.  Then this guy comes out and basically says we that we are Muslims.  Then we bore testimony.  Then he told us his life story-how he was in the military in Rowanda and all of these stories.  Super cool guy, just a tad bit scarred from wars.  

We did some math and decided it isn’t super expensive here.  Our apartment is probably 300€ a month.  Maybe 350€ from estimating from other apartments cost.  Then 180€ each to spend on food, toiletries, etc.  Then probably 60€ travel each month per missionary.  The train from Munich to here was 80€.  Luckily the Öbb month card is only 40€ and it covers most of our area.  

We were thinking of going by this family.  We looked on the map and it’s 25 miles up into the mountains one way.  Super pretty ride..but heck no, too much wasted time and energy.  Anything more than 5 we really think about.  Baden is a 15 minute train ride.  We go there twice a week to see people or to do finding.  We actually find quite a few people doing that.

We had a mishap with our bikes, my companion did. We were in the center of town with a few hundred people. He was peddling on his bike really hard and the chain slipped so he was holding on for dear life onto the handlebars with his feet dragging on the ground. He was perfectly ok, but it was really funny. These two girls that we had talked to about 10 minutes before came running up to see if they could help, and I just couldn’t stop laughing. If he was hurt it would be one thing, but all he had was a little scuff on his shoes. No big deal. 

I don't know if there are ever forest fires here.  It always rains without end.  Well, not always, but at least once every week or two.  Last week while we were on a train it just started a massive downpour.  We waited a few minutes for it to slow down.  Then we went to our ward mission leader's home.  He then drove us to the T.'s (our future baptism next week).  It was a 30 minute drive on the autobahn and no public transport to there and back within any reasonable amount of time.  We had dinner.  It was pretty much potatoes and deep fried meatballs.  So unhealthy, but so good.

That's cool that Elder Oaks was there.  Elder Nelson came to the Alpine Mission last week.  Austria is far away, so everyone in Switzerland and Germany got to meet him, as well as 2 areas in Austria.  The rest of us Austrian missionaries got left behind and didn't get to see him.  Sad.  Oh well, we have plenty of work to do to bring people into the kingdom of God.

 Last week we had a dinner appointment with the family from Spain.  They eat so much healthier than Germans and Austrians. It was still really good. Hopefully they will be able to get married next month. The man is really ready to be baptized. He just needs to marry A.  She will be a couple more weeks or months before she´s ready for baptism. 

Another time this week we had a lesson with brother T. We spoke about the Word of Wisdom a bit and then he said, “Oh we have wine, we don’ need it anymore.” So then the ward mission leader said that you can use it for cooking that´s ok. Sister T. said, “No, we don´t like that. No good for cooking”. So they gave it to J. to cook with. Haha J. with his Spanish accent speaking German. 

We picked up a new investigator.  She lives in Baden. She is so prepared for the gospel. She has the potential to be baptized next month. If she soaks up the gospel it will be that soon. Hopefully she does. I think it will happen. We just have to work with her so she will be baptized. And of course use the ward as much as possible.

I love you all
Elder Devon Kinghorn

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