Monday, September 10, 2012

So this week was pretty exciting. We set two  baptismal dates! One is for the 29th of this month. His name is Brother T. He is pretty much golden. We didn't really ask him "Will you be baptized?"  More of "When will you be baptized?" He read the whole Book of Mormon in just thee weeks!!  Now he is working on the Doctrine and Covenants. The second is named S. He is from India. He speaks very good English, as well as a billion other languages. He is super cool. He is also about 4 feet tall. But a super nice guy and his baptismal date is November 3rd because he is going to go back to India for a few weeks. Also in our district the sisters have a baptism for the 29th of this month. They are in the Vienna international ward. He is from Poland. This is a really exciting time to be in the mission field. 

I think this is the best ward in the area. Yesterday in church 10% of the attendance at sacrament meeting was non-members. We had 8 non-members there, 6 investigators and two friends of a family. Well one of the investigators is a Russian and technically isn't an investigator  yet.  We found her at the visa office.  She is from Russia. She will be coming to our German class, so that's good.  She has a Book of Mormon in Russian and soon will be an investigator. 

That's crazy that Brother Nally will be the new MTC president. Well I guess Michael won't get to see them in the MTC. He truly is an amazing guy. And Jason will be able to see him. 

So tomorrow we go to Wien (Vienna) again for a zone training thing. Haha it's just 30 minutes away by train. Rail jets go super fast. On straight-aways 250 kph- that's 150 mph. Fun stuff huh?

Remember Brian Rean with his skit boxes?  Plural of box is boxen.

Well, here's a picture and also a view from our apartment.  Next week I'll have more pictures for you.  It's finally sunny-before this it was usually rainy.  Riding a bike in the rain isn't too fun.  You're suit pants get soaked, but it's all fun.

"Plural of Box is Boxen"
View From the Apartment
View from the Apartment

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