Monday, August 26, 2013

May 20, 2013

Dear Family

Well this week started out on a blah, but ended up great. So Elder F. last Monday started feeling really, really sick after emails. Then we cancelled an appointment for that night. Then on Tuesday he was feeling super sick and almost died. So we stayed home the whole day. So. the first two days were gone. But then Elder F. started feeling better. And so we helped a family do some furniture rearranging (the Russian investigator Frau W.) And she was super funny. But then that ended when the day was almost over. So then I forgot what we did. Thursday we had a lesson with R. and he is doing great. He had to cancel on church again. It's really frustrating sometimes. But that's how it goes. So we cancelled his baptismal date. But hopefully we can set a new one sometime soon. 

But then Friday came around, and in the morning we had nothing set. So we went to a city about 20 minutes away by train. And we had lessons with 2 less actives. It was awesome. We just showed up and they were super excited. Then we found out that neither of them have had any home teachers or visiting teachers come to them in a long long time. And all of the other less actives had the same thing. So, that night was gemeinderat uhh ward council. So we asked for a home teaching and visiting teaching assignment list so we could get people to come with us for their home teaching. All of a sudden it made sense that 80% of the ward is less active. Wiener Neustadt was about 65% active, which is astonishing for Europe. But their home teaching was incredible. Every quarter they would adjust their plans to make it better. 

Then on Saturday we had a street display right in front of the Münster (the giant church) so the whole rule about don't proselyte in front of a church. Ya, oh well. We had to apply to get a spot and that is the spot that the city gave us. But we had 2 members there (an American and a Chinese guy. They are a cool couple), and also the missionaries; so Sisters S. and C. then Elders P and G.,  We had a good time, even though it was super hot.  We found a member who lives in Munich but had lost contact with the church when he moved here from Africa. He was excited to get another Book of Mormon and the missionary’s information. That was way cool. Then we also found a cool guy named M. He is from Nigeria. He actually met the missionaries in Switzerland about a year ago. and now we found him here in Ulm. Yesterday he came to church and we are meeting with him tomorrow. It's way nice because he just lives 5 minutes from the church using his bike. So it's awesome. And hopefully he has some friends. 

That was the exciting things from this past week. The work is really going well. We had 8 lessons last week. Much better than the 0 that were happening not too long ago when I first got here.

I Love you
Elder Kinghorn

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