Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 13, 2013

Dear Family

First of all I am glad I was able to see all of you yesterday. It was great being able to call home. And it was much easier saying goodbye this time than Christmas. It makes me realize how much of a loving family at home I have. Lots of people don't have that. And I'm so glad that I have all of the support that I have out on a mission that you give me. I know that all of you love me and I love all of you just the same. 

And mom, Happy Mothers Day

When I get home I'll show you how to make farmer schnitzel. It tastes way good and you've never had anything like it before in your life. 

Well starting last week it was pretty good. We actually had 8 lessons in 7 days. That hasn't been done in Ulm in, well over a year. So we are trying our hardest. Ya, it's not Jason’s "we have lots of fallen out appointments but still 2 or 3 a day" but that's ok. Every mission is different. But the second highlight of last week (second to calling home) was mission tour. Elder Teixeira from the area presidency talked with us. We learned a lot and actually he gave different points to every part of the mission. Here it was a lot of getting referrals from investigators, so teaching their friends. It was actually really good and we plan on putting it into effect. The problem is we have only had one lesson since then and the time never felt right to bring it up. But the next lesson we feel will be much better for it. 

Ok so another really cool story. So last Wednesday we had a lesson with a guy named H. He was in our phone as a potential so we called him. Apparently missionaries found him about 4 years ago. But then we found out that he lived in America years ago and he had Mormon friends who gave him a Book of Mormon. So he showed it to us and the testimony that they left inside. Sadly, he didn't come to church but we are trying. Well then for the rest of the day we had planned to go around the area finding people (which is a 30 minute train ride). After hours we found absolutely nobody. We really felt like we had a good day plan and there was somebody else in the area. So when we finally got home that night we looked in our mail and we had 2 letters. One for a missionary who I replaced. And the second was from the mission office. We opened it excitedly and it was a referral. She lived just a few bus station stops farther than where we were contacting. So probably a 10 minute walk. It was great, so we called her up and she wanted a Book of Mormon. So we are bringing it by as soon as we can. 

The Lord really does work in amazing ways. We try all we can and then the Lord blesses us with more than we can imagine. The trick isn't to ask why don't miracles happen. It's instead why am I not seeing the miracles that go on every single day

I Love you
Elder Kinghorn

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