Monday, August 26, 2013

May 27, 2013

Elder Devon Kinghorn
May 27, 2013

Dear Family

Well awesome news- C. from Wiener Neustadt just got baptized Saturday! Sadly I wasn't able to make it because we had too many people here we had to be with. We can't really afford leaving because of our ward’s relationship with us. We are really trying to strengthen it. In the past I don't think this ward has had the best relationships with missionaries. Definitely as friends, but not as missionaries. So we are really trying. 

Well this week has been nice. Despite the freezing weather. They don't expect warm weather for two more weeks. The work is going well here. Elder F. and I are doing really good work together.

Elder Nelson is coming and I get to actually see him talk, the first time on my mission. There is one advantage of living in Germany instead of Austria.

Yesterday we almost had 2 people at church. Only one came. but here is the story. So R. and M. both had promised that they would come to church. So we told R. tha we would meet him at his home train station at 8 in the morning. The last train that would get us there before 8 actually left Ulm at 6:05, so we had to wake up way early to get the train. Then we took it down to Ehingen and got there at 6:30 and it was freezing cold. Rain and freezing. Then at 7:40ish after sitting there for a while kind of miserable we decided to call him and he was sick. So we were quite... devastated and took a slightly earlier train back to Ulm at 7:45 after freezing for a while. So we got back to Ulm and we met M. on the way to church. He was way happy to come. He is such a cool guy from Nigeria. He has gone through so much in his life. I feel really bad for him. Then he ended up here in Ulm and he is way happy for that. He is praying to see if he should get baptized (hopefully) and I think he could be baptized by the end of the summer.

Hmm what happened so far. Um on Sunday morning there were so many drunk people in lederhosen because of the big champions league game. It was classic Germany. Drunk people in lederhosen. Way funny though. 

I love you 
Elder Kinghorn

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