Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 7, 2013

Guten tag jader!!

Hoffentlich alles gute dort in Amerika. Hier in Österreich ist leben wunderschön. Ich Liebe alle die wunderbare Leute, die in Wiener Neustadt wohnen. Haha ok now I'm done with German. This past week has been really fun. We set a baptismal date with a girl.  She reads a little of the Book of Mormon every day. She has so many questions. It's awesome. 

My new companion came and he’s a ton of fun and is super funny.  Yesterday I was on the floor laughing.  He was also the first German speaking missionary to sleep in Italy.  He opened that area.  It's a city called Brixon. Um ya his pictures of Innbruck were the prettiest pictures I've ever seen. I wonder if I'll ever serve there. It is a lot of fun here in Wiener Neustadtand.

We had two awesome lessons yesterday and spent forever doing weekly planning on Friday. But that's expected. It always takes 2 to 3 hours. It is really uhh, I can't think of the word. But imagine me planning for 2 or 3 hours. It is really gaaaaa!!! But we are supposed to do it so we plan every week. 

And we have a giant umbrella we call it the condor. We were walking and it was huge. It was stormy and windy. My companion almost died, but I was using the windproof tank umbrella and it had no problem. I could go through a hurricane with it, whereas the condor almost died in that little tropical storm. 

We also have a few new people who have a good chance of becoming investigators.

I have to go, we are going to Schönbrunn today. 

I Love you
Elder Devon Kinghorn

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