Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 5, 2012

Hallo Familie!!!

Here is a funny story. Well it's also kind of a disaster story. So, last week we were thinking “Hmm, we haven't had mexican food in forever so let's make some fajitas this week.” While we were contacting, this guy gave us some mysterious orange peppers that looked like habanero peppers. So we took them. Friday night as we were making fajitas we started to cut up our meat. Well it was 5 euro for one kilo; Equivalent to 2 dollars a pound about. It was pretty cheap beef. And well, with our crappy knives we made the first incision. Blood came gushing out. Kind of gross huh? Then an hour later we were finally done cutting up this chunk of gulosh fleisch and made fajitas with these mysterious peppers. Haha--we made volcano rubber with it! It was super spicy and the toughest meat we have ever eaten in our lives. But it's ok, because we needed something spicy. Ya that's our cooking story for this week. 

Ok, anyways this week it has been super-super foggy. Every morning we wake up, look outside and yup more fog. But today we woke up and there was no fog! Instead we had rain. Oh well, that's life. But then Wednesday we are meeting with someone for the first time. She is from Hungary and one of our members speaks perfect Hungarian. At first she thought we were some weird religion. But then she read a little bit of the Book of Mormon and decided we aren't that weird after all. Which is true, we aren't weird despite what people say. 

Have fun in 70 degree utah while it's brutally cold here.
Elder Devon Kinghorn

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