Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 26, 2012

Greetings from √Ėsterreich,

(About his brother Jason getting called to the Madrid Spain Mission)  Of course and my eyes just were like 'where is it, where is it?' And then I saw Alpine Germany. Then I started reading it out loud. It was pretty exciting. Now we can be european buddies together.  But you'll love the people. I know quite a few people from Spain and I love all of them. We won't be that far apart, just 1 or 2 time zones, and really 2 countries away. Just france is between our missions. Whoa, we just have one mission between us. Haha, how many brothers can say that? Good luck in Spain you'll love it. The field is the coolest thing in the world. And good luck sitting down for 4 hours straight studying.

Wow...crazy... two mission calls within the one year!

Hmm so now everyone in the family can speak Spanish except me, and Tanya and Kevin. Oh well, I can speak German.

I know what it's like for Jason to be in a Spanish lesson. Last night we met with the family from Spain. Of course they speak Spanish, so our ward mission leader translated for us. They are all from Spain. Except one he is from Colombia. But then he served in the Canary Islands too. They are all super excited for Jason going there. They love it. They are so cool. They love how Jason got his mission call there. They are an awesome family.

Haha so I have a question. Does that mean you won't come pick me up and just wait for Jason to finish his mission? Then pick up jason and go to both? I really don't know. But that would be cool. That way we could see each others missions and meet all of the people we have gotten to know over the past two years. But I have no clue. The people here are just so cool and I love it here. The ward members are just awesome. And yes that is Elder G.’s dad. It's a small world after all. 

So this last week was super busy. We had 12 lessons in really 4 proselytizing days.  Monday was Pday (so we had 3 hours that day) Tuesday was a full day. Wednesday was district meeting and then it was "finding day" until 5, so only half day. Then Thursday was "transfer day" so we were in Wien and no work got done in Wiener Neustadt. So then we had Friday and Saturday as whole days. It was a super busy week. So that was goodbye to Elder B. and hello to Elder G. He is a great elder from St. George. We are going to get a lot done by the end of the year. 

Then we met with B. twice also. She is also amazing. The Book of Mormon has really changed her life. She will get baptized sometime after Christmas she said. It's awesome.   Oh, so Saturday when we met with B. we had a member from Wien come with us. His name is D. He was actually baptized by Elder H. He is a super cool guy. I love him. So that's really cool I was on a mitbelehrung (member lesson thing) with someone he baptized. And we have quite a few potentials with a lot of potential. Haha that sounds funny. 

Well of course you missed my smoking powers. Who else can make a wonderfully delicious turkey? And yes, we did have one here. Well, it was chicken. But still we had Thanksgiving with a flare of Austrian. We had rot kohl. So that was a little bit odd for Thanksgiving, but it was pretty cool.  

Gaa that's not good (shooting 71 in golf). So what you are saying is I need to become pro level in golf within one year of me coming home. Ok I can do it. Just 4 rounds a day and I'll be good. Well except for Sunday. That is completely possible with everything that I'll have to be doing-school, work, winter. 

And ya that's Elder G.’s dad. He is a pretty cool elder. I still don't know him that well so I'll send you more information about him next week when I find some more stuff out. Right now it feels like we are on a long exchange. Oh well. 

Right now I am quite low on missionary money and but that's ok because I just have to make it until friday. And I also need to do reimbursements for all of the train tickets we have to buy. So, by next month I probably won't have to worry about running low. I'll have a nice buffer. Right now I have 25 euros but next month probably like 50 or 60 euros left over by the end of the month. Why am I talking about how many euros are in my missionary account? That's kind of odd. Well that's what kind of missionary I am I guess. Just an ADD boy who loves the work. Oh, one of the bikes is about ready to die. Haha luckily we have a mechanical engineer in the ward who has already saved it once. He really pulled off a miracle. I heard how bad the bike was before. 

Ya um you have never seen Christmas like Christmas here in Wien. It really is something different. Carlsplatz is going crazy with decorations. We were there last week contacting and they have enormous light displays and huge christmas villages. Not displays,
 but actual villages!

I don't have tons of pictures, but I have a lot. Maybe 300. So I guess that is a lot. They aren't backed up yet. Sorry, I probably should. I was going to do it last week but I only brought one cord. not two. So it didn't work. Oh well, next week I'll do it. It really isn't cold anymore. Today I am going to buy a Pea coat, but that's it. Then I’ll look for stuff to send home. And probably my package will get ther late so I'm sorry. But you can enjoy it anyway.

I love everyone. Thank you for all of your prayers. I'll miss you during Christmas. 

Love, Elder Kinghorn

Thank you for all of your support.

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