Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 12, 2012

I hope everybody has had a good week

So last week was hard to get as much done as normal in Wiener Neustadt. Elder B. was in Munich for two days on a District Leader Counsel.. So I worked in Wien (Vienna) for two days. 

We were doorbelling this apartment building. Someone answered and she had no interest. So, we klingle the next person. It was the same person and she was really upset. So then we go way down the list and klingle someone else. She’s here again and she said she was going to call the cops on us. We were wondering how in the world it kept ringing her. But even if the cops came they couldn't have done anything because we are legal. But we left anyways. Just one of those odd days that just happens. 

In wien we had a lesson with someone. He was wondering why we wouldn't take any wine from him.  We shortly explained the Word of Wisdom to him. He said, “Oh good, I hate alcohol.  Whenever I get drunk I start spitting, so I stopped”. He just got wine to give to us because it's polite to do in Iran(where he is from). You have to give someone a drink or something else. 

What else is new...Yesterday church was amazing. Elder B. spoke and B. was there. She was saying how amazing church was. Ya, she is awesome. Sadly she is super-busy, so it's really really hard to meet with her. We were able to have one lesson this week. She loves the church and the Book of Mormon. 

I don't remember if I said this earlier but the A’s have a marriage date. It’s for early January. That means G. will get baptized in January. He is such an awesome guy and really funny. This is when I wish I could speak Spanish, but sadly I can't. Oh well. Well, I also wish I could speak German. Even though here it isn't German it's Neuder√∂sterreichisch. Ya there are something like 30 dialects in this mission, all of which are way different. Well it's still awesome.

Mother-First I have to ask did the package full of chocolate get to you? If not, it should be another week. I went for the cheap shipping. And secondly, I think we found a better hot chocolate thing than you. We didn't buy it but it was Lindt. And it's not a mix it's chocolate and you put it into hot milk and it smooths together into a magical froth of chocolately heaven.

Transfer calls are this friday. I think I'll stay for one more transfer and Elder B. will leave next week. But it's all up in the air. 

The camera is great. I got lazy with my journal so I started to just do video entries every other day or so. I'll send some other pictures. It takes forever to send, sadly, but oh well. So if my next area is in the Alps (which I think it will be) I'll send you some pictures. All we have is Schnee Berg 30 km away. So, too far for pictures.

I'll send more in the family letter. I Love you elder devon kinghorn

Love Elder Devon Kinghorn

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