Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

Well that's crazy Cody opens his call this week. It's definitially a big day to open your call. And Jason will be there in just a couple weeks. But I bet Jason won't enter the MTC until March or something. So many other elders are already done with their papers. Oh well, Jason will have a great time in Puerto Rico where it's really warm. 

And I wonder where Cody will go on his mission. I'm guessing Boston- like Kyle. That would be pretty cool. And Jason could go to Lubbok like Michael. But that won't happen because Jason is going to Puerto Rico.

So have you and Dad talked about a mission or not really? You could probably do Spanish speaking since you were both fluent in Spanish at one point. You could do the Spain Young Adult Center. You'd love that, but watch out the accent there everyone has a lisp. Barthelona not Barcelona. Oh well, it's warm there. Or you could go in 10 or 20 years when Dad really retires then gets bored of being retired after 2 months. 

You wouldn't like it here. It's really starting to get cold. Summer you'd like it, winter you'd die haha. And Spain is a lot cheaper I hear. We passed a store with 1300 euro boots. That's a little on the expensive side if you ask me. 

Oh, we just started a mission wide thing. Every week the whole district will blitz an area for 5 hours. So every missionary will be just street contacting. It really feels like a long time. But it really will help the whole mission out. Tons more potential investigators, which will turn into investigators. Which brings people closer to Christ through baptism. 

We had our first snow this morning. Well it's stupid. Snow + Bikes = Terrible. It's simple math. Anyways, snow at home isn't so bad you can actually use it. 

Well at least BYU will have a winning season. Having a losing season is just embarassing. Good luck in Switzerland. I hear it's gorgeous. And that's one place I'll probably never get to go. Visa's are really hard to get. Oh well, it's not like Austria is an ugly place. It's just not made out of gold and chocolate like Switzerland is.

Halloween doesn't exist here. I've seen one poster for a dance. But that was it. It's low key.

I love you
Elder Devon Kinghorn

P.S. We found luther bibles for 10 euro. the original. So sorry.

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