Monday, October 29, 2012

October 15, 2012

Greetings from √Ėsterreich.

So here's a story that mom would be jealous of. We had a slc refurral in Baden so we went to go by on her.  Elder Brose left his planner at home so we didn't have an address. So yesterday we went back and it's this super beat up place with broken windows etc. It looks like no one has lived there in forever. Then this guy comes out with a ton of grapes. So we ask him if he wants help. He says no. But then we ask him if he knows this lady. Low and behold she was in the basement of this "Home".  She invites us in and there's a wine press inside. So we talk to her and her husband as they are pressing these grapes. Then they offer us fresh grape juice. This is so fresh, it is pouring out of the press. It doesn't even make it to the bucket. It was so good. By far the best liquid I have ever partaken of. 

They have a Book of Mormon now and they said they wanted to wait 2 weeks before they meet with us. It's probably because now is harvesting time for grapes. 

Sad story our investigator S. has disappeared. We haven't heard from him for a month, so we decided he is gone. So that's life as a missionary. Oh and last week we were ringing doorbells at this apartment building and this lady sticks her head out the window and tells us she will call the cops on us if we don't leave. We are breaking the law. We had already klingled the last person. We have our licences with us and we aren't breaking any laws. 

I forgot. So first a member was wondering if you could ship a windshield for him. He has a 60 something pontiac I think. I forgot what car. 

And the language is hard but not the end of the world hard. It's harder than english for sure. Our spanish investigators are studying German but picking up English faster. And they don't even try with English! Kind of funny. 

Well, about BYU football- it's good I'm not there to watch the destruction. Maybe when I get back and my senior year we will have a good team again. Or BYU is going to die. haha In german it’s zugrunde gehen. That means to perish or literally to go into the ground. 

Umkehren means to repent. Literally it means to turn around. Agency is entscheidungsfreiheit. Ya, long word but it means the freedom to choose. Isn't that a super long word? And I am learning to understand their crazy accent here. So that's good. I'm sure you had a similar experience with Spanish in Puerto Rico. I hear it's super slurred there. 

Ok dad deep doctrinal question. Will insects be resurrected? 

Dad, I'm sorry you're alone with the dog. I haven't been alone in a long time. To me that actually sounds kind of nice-being alone for a couple days. But that's not going to happen. 

Well, last week I went on a train through borgenland (castleland) to go to our first appointment with this guy. He wanted to meet with us before he went to the hospital for surgery and said he would read the Book of Mormon while he is in surgery. Then in 2 weeks when he gets back we will meet again. Then we took the 45 minute train ride back to wienerneustadt and then took another train 20 minutes north to some other city to go by on potentials. 

Love Elder Devon Kinghorn

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