Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thoughts on getting prepared

This is Devon. I have 10 days until I enter the MTC to serve in the Alpine-German Speaking Mission. I am very excited to serve the Lord for two years. Right now I am doing some last-minute preparation including a dropbox account. All I need to get are a few short sleeve white shirts, another pair of shoes, and my last Hepatitis shot. It's strange with the days winding down, I have started to realize the task that I am undertaking. Despite this, I am not nervous at all. I look forward to the challenges and trials I will face, including the task of learning the German language.

I am not really disappointed about not watching movies for two years because I have already seen "The Avengers" twice opening weekend. That was the movie I really wanted to see before I left. Now it is about time to leave everything behind including family and close friends. I am not too sad about that, because I know that this is the Lord's will and two years is a very short time. It will go by in a flash, and I intend to return home knowing that I worked as hard as I could have.